Tennessee Bleacher Repair


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Preventive Maintenance

Most repair calls could have been prevented with regular maintenance.  Our qualified technicians will perform a detailed inspection of your entire bleacher understructure including frames, wheels, axles, deck supports.  Any binding, rubbing or misalignment will be corrected.  Any obstacles that interfere with the operation of the bleacher will be removed.

Lubrication will be applied as per the manufacturers specification.  Depending upon the brand of your bleacher, lubrication is not always warranted.

All motors, gear boxes and power sources will be inspected and adjusted for proper functioning. 

Any standard missing or damaged parts will be repaired or replaced.  If a major understructure component requires replacement, we can order and install that part on a subsequent visit.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

This bleacher repair included removing an extension cord that had become bound in the caster wheels.

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